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Customer care,Termination and Cancellation of the service

Should you have a complaint, a specific question or you decide to stop using
ZigZagFone service, please follow the following instructions:

Customer care assistance:

Should you require our further assistance, you can reach our customer centre by email or telephone:

- Email: [email protected] 
- Freephone: 020 3519 2189 .

Termination of the service:

Should you decide to stop using Zigzagfone service, you can send a text message containing
STOP to short code 65065 if you are subscribed through Payforit. You can send STOP
to short code 88101 if you are subscribed to our service through short code 88101
If you are 3 (Three) user who received messages from 66299, you can unsubscribe by sending STOP to 66299.

The service will be immediately terminated and there will be no further charges to your mobile bill. 


 Cancellation of the service:

You will have a period of 14 days to cancel your contract with us unless you have asked
us to supply the service to you immediately and have acknowledged that this cancellation period will not apply.
Please use our cancellation form if you decide to cancel your contract.